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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How do I Buy Stock?
A. Firstly, send us an email to: Sales@DiscountElectrics.com stating what you're interested in. Please start the subject title with "Full loads" or "Single pallets" and choose from the following categories (One or more categories can be chosen):
 • Raw Returns TVs, Audio Hi-Fi, DVD Blu-ray, Twin In-car and portable DVD players, refrigeration/fridge-freezers, Raw Dishwashers, Raw Cooking, Raw SDA (Small Domestic Appliances)/Kitchenware, Raw Unchecked Unboxed TVs, Raw Vacuum Cleaners/Floorcare, Raw Microwaves
• Working washing machines & dryers, Working refrigeration, Working Dishwashers, Working Cooking, Working Showroom Clearance Stock                                              We will then send you an up-to-date stock list and prices as soon as possible with your chosen categories added subject to availability. Please feel free to join our trade email list, where you will receive all latest stock emails and stock available.

A non-refundable deposit of £50 is required to secure any pallet; this can be taken over the phone, via card payment, chip and pin in person or cash. For an alternative method of payment, you can send the £50 deposit via PayPal - Sales@Discountelectrics.com making sure to mark the payment as a deposit for the stock you're paying for. After the deposit has been processed you will then receive information bank details to pay for the remainder of the balance and information on where the stock is located for you to arrange collection/delivery. Alternatively you can pay via cash / chip and pin on collection.

If a container or lorry is required, buyers are responsible for their own transport, however we are able to provide a source if the buyer doesn't have any transport available. We will load the lorry or container free of charge. If the stock is loaded on our premises, and exported then the buyer may be exempt from VAT. However if the stock is taken from our premises we will require a Bill of Laden within 3 months, where the VAT will then be refunded.

Please note that all stock is sold and a first come first served basis, if there is no deposit placed on stock, Discount Electrics reserve the right to sell the products. After deposit is made, full payment must be received within 5 working days. All stock must be cleared within 5 working days if this is going to take longer, you must let us know before the 5 working days are over, so that we can safely store the item for you. If the item is not collected within 10 working days, a storage charge will be added at £25 per day. By committing to buy, you agree to all these Terms and Conditions.

Q. How do I get an appointment to view/buy stock?
A. All you need to do is fill the appointment form found on the left side of the page titled "Click to book an Appointment" you can also text/SMS 07725 338824 or email us at:Sales@DiscountElectrics.com. The information you need to provide us for all of these methods is located on the appointment booking form ((here) downloadable file).

Q. What if I want to buy Pallet(s) and have them delivered, do I still need an appointment?
A. No, using the following above options you can pay directly into our bank account. Deliverys are normally dispatched next day, which you should recieve within three working days. You can find the delivery price for your area, by clicking on the link "Mansfield/Linconshire Pallet Dilivery price" on the left side of the page.

Q. How high can I stack my pallets?
A. A pallet can be 6ft high through stacking pallets such as: if you ordered two pallets of SDA (Small domestic aplliances) we could stack all of these onto one hence only having to pay for one delivery order of one pallet.

Q. Can I Stack 2 heavy Pallets on top of each other?
A. Its not recommended. You can double stack two light pallets such as SDA / vacumes but it isn't recommended to have two heavy pallets due to the potential of them falling off. However you can have a heavy pallet at the bottom with a light one on top hence only paying one delievery charge.

Q. Can I Stack 2 heavy Pallets with a Van/Lorry delivery?
A. With a Van or lorry load, you can double up on heavy pallets since its not going through the pallet network which means interchaging with other delivery companies to deliver to you. This way it goes direct to the customer (you) so theres no risk of the pallet falling off.

Q. What are Raw Returns?
A. Raw returns are products returned to the store from the customer that they believe is a faulty product, or that the product is no longer desirable. However some returns from customers are in perfect working order, where the customer without the knowledge on how to use the product returns it.

Q. I know its got sold on it, But is it for Sale?
A. No, All products listed as sold have already been purchaced and we no longer have the product in stock.

Q. What Collection and Delivery options do I have?
A. Once balance is paid buyers can either; collect the pallets, send your own courier in to collect, we can arrange delievery for you ourselves for the prices stated on the "Mansfield Pallet delivery price" or "Lincoln Pallet delivery price" on the left side of the page. Containers and lorries can also be loaded from our premises upon request.

Q. I'm a first time buyer can I get a discount to try the product(s)?
A. Yes, we will offer you a 5% discount on your first pallet(s) order upto the amount of £2000 allowing you to try the product. If you go over £2000, we will offer you a 6% discount instead of the standard 5%. If you go over £4000, we will offer you a 7% discount instead of the standard 6%.

Q. To get my discount do I have to spend the amount on one product, or can I choose different pallets?
A. No, you can mix and match pallets from any of the categories as long as your bill at the end of your order is sufficent for the discounts then you will get the discounts as advised.

Q. If I buy stock on different days/weeks could you add the value upto £4000 so I get a higher discount on my next purchace?
A. No sorry, the discount only applies on the day of order so if you buy stock on multiple days we can't combine the two to give you a higher tier discount.

Q. I am exporting do I have to pay VAT?
A. Yes, however if you provide a bill of laden within three months of purchace, you will recieve your VAT back. If we're loading a container for an order on our premises for you, and you have the shipping document, you may be excempt from paying VAT.

Q. If I become a regular customer will I get a loyalty discount?
A. Yes, we will offer a 5% discount to all of our regular customers on all purchaces.

Q. How do I become a "Regular customer"?
A. You must purchace stock at least once per month or you will lose your loyalty discount.

Q. Can I get an email of your latest stock/product(s)?
A. Yes, but first you must join our trade email list (here). You will then get an email in your inbox every time we get new stock (usually every week).

Q, You've sold out of the pallet(s) I'd like to buy, how can I buy the next available stock of a pallet(s) I want?
A. Email: Sales@Discountelectrics.com with your email address along with the stock it is you'd like to buy and we will send you the next available stock load.

Q. What size TVs do you have?
A. If you look at the first two digits in the model number (example: LOG L24FED13) the 24 means that the TV is a 24" screen, this applies to all other TVs too.

Q. How do I get a RRP price for a product?
A. Copy and paste the Model number of the product into a google search.

Q. I'm a first time trader, what would you recommend?
A. Hard to say, but would say it's virtually impossible to lose on vacuums, since most that get returned just need unblocking. However at the high-end items, like TVs, it possibly would be better with a technician as you will get more products out.
With the working stock, white goods, simply buy it and resell it, couldn't be any easier.

Q. Could you send me some photos of your stock?
A. Please look in our photo gallery for sample photos of products and stock.

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